Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Roll20 Tutorial - Advanced Fog of War

Yesterday Roll20 published their much anticipated Advanced Fog of War changes to the Development Server - here is a quick little video tutorial on how the new system works.

Right now this only for Pro Users with access to the Dev Server.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

DDAL 07-01 Maps

Today I wanted to share a nice little addition to the core maps included in DDAL 07-01 - DDAL 7-01: Maps - A City on the Edge: Missions 1 - 5 by Gail D.

Gail (the same Gail who join us for our Storm King's Thunder Sunday games) has done a great job augmenting the maps including in the module. The style is very appropriate to the theme of the adventure and does a great job expanding the story. I would highly recommend picking up these maps if you plan to run 07-01 via VTT or in person (and you prefer to print maps). As soon as you download you will see that Gail put a lot of great quality into the maps and the attention to detail to match the story being told are phenomenal.

You can pick up all 5 module maps here for $1.99 (as of publishing this).

You can also get a sample of the 1st module map here for "pay what you want" - so if you wanted a sample for free then buy the complete pack above you'll see quite quickly the amount of time and effort Gail put into publishing these maps.

I for one am looking forward to seeing more of these maps from Gail and other authors!