Sunday, November 26, 2017

How to make DDAL07-03 exciting for your players

So my first run of DDAL07-03 felt sort of blah. But this weekend I re-ran it - sort of streamlining the race portion (taking over some of the group rolls) and making it very funny with color commentary from two bickering sports casters and the occasional commercial break for flavor and the players seemed to LOVE it. (Race portion begins around 35:30 if you want to skip ahead).

Monday, November 13, 2017

AetherCON 2017 Replays are Live!

30 hours of DMing for AetherCON 2017 complete, enjoy the following playlist:
  1. DDAL07-01 - A City on the Edge
  2. DDEP07-01-T1 - Peril at the Port
  3. DDAL07-02 - Over the Edge
  4. DDEP07-01-T2 - Peril at the Port
  5. DDAL07-03, 04, 05 - The Jungle has Fangs Trilogy
  6. DDAL07-06, 07, 07 - The Rot from Within Trilogy